Chair Yoga for Seniors

Chair Yoga is a wonderful option for anyone with impaired mobility. Elderly care and exercise are growing in demand as our population ages. Chair Yoga is gentle and accessible to everyone whether they are recovering from surgery, from an injury or a wheelchair user, or even just struggling from general stiffness, tight back, or reduced flexibility due to pain or tension.

It’s vital for seniors to have ways of exercising that work for them, and one way to do that is to try chair yoga. It’s relatively easy to get started and it allows people to be active when they otherwise might not have been doing much physical activity at all. There are many benefits and you don’t need any special equipment to get started, other than a chair.

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Chair Yoga Exercises – Sample Video

This video will give you and idea of the chair yoga exercises.

Mobility and flexibility exercises to keep us active and fit.

The Benefits of Chair Yoga for Seniors

There are lots of benefits of chair yoga for seniors, and it all starts with movement. When you move, your body is put through its paces, even if it’s in a relatively small way. For seniors, that extra movement can lead to things like better balance, mobility and agility. These things matter for many reasons.

In your senior years, balance becomes more difficult and falls more likely. But that can be combated with exercises such as chair yoga. It really does make a difference and helps you to feel more agile and supple, allowing you to move a little more freely and feel more confident with your balance.

Gentle Chair Exercises for Seniors 

We offer chair exercises for all kinds of seniors, meaning you can find something that works for you no matter what your particular circumstances. Some people might want to start out with very gentle chair exercises, and these can be just as rewarding and helpful as other exercises for many people.

You don’t have to be doing very taxing and fast-paced exercises in order to benefit. Any kind of movement and exercise can help you and that’s why you should think about making the most of these gentle exercises. Once you’ve built up some confidence, you can go further and try more exercises if you like.

Gentle Chair Yoga for Seniors 

Chair yoga is a wonderful way to be active, and it’s something you should consider if flexibility is one of the things that matters most to you. We’ll start by practicing yoga poses and teaching you the basics of what you need to know about yoga in order to get started. 

You don’t need to have any experience of doing yoga before either. We’ve taught complete beginners and helped them to learn the basics pretty quickly. That’s the great thing about yoga; it doesn’t have to be particularly complicated and it has real benefits either way.

Seated Chair Exercises for Seniors 

Seated exercises can be a lot of fun and they’re ideal for seniors who might not have the ability to take part in harsher and more rigorous forms of exercise. If you’re looking for a way of getting active that enables you to stay seated, we can help make that possible. Basic balance exercises and our older adult yoga classes are easy to take part in.

These seated exercises can take many forms and we can focus on different things in different classes. We often provide exercises for balance and a focus on yoga as this is what many people are looking for when they have limited mobility.

30 minute chair yoga 

You only need to dedicate as little as 30 minutes per day to this kind of activity when you want to get started. It doesn’t have to be something that becomes a big commitment for you, and that’s one of the reasons why many seniors love it. We can work on improving your balances or teaching yoga poses in just half an hour.

Check Out Our Classes

If you’re interested in any of this and you want to learn more about taking part in some classes for seniors, you should get in touch today. Here at Fitness4Fun, we’re passionate about helping seniors get active and enjoy the benefits that comes with doing so. And it’s so easy to get started.

At the moment because of the Covid-19 situation, we’re offering online classes for seniors, meaning you can easily take part from the comfort of your own home and you don’t need to worry about coming into contact with other people. In the future, when it’s safe to do so, we’ll return to offering in person chair yoga classes for seniors too.