Dyna Band Exercises for Seniors

Resistance training or strength training with Dyna Band Stretches are exercise that enhances muscular strength and endurance. During resistance training, muscles are forced to move against tension provided by body weight or resistance bands.

Incorporating resistance training into a daily exercise routine can greatly improve muscle strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and range of motion. Resistance training also helps fight bone loss and the reduce the pain caused by arthritis.

If you’re interested in practicing stretching exercises with a Dyna band and how it can help to improve your fitness and mobility, then be sure to contact John from Fitness4Fun today for more information.

What is the Dyna Band?

The Dyna Band is a type of resistance band. A resistant band is an elastic band used for strength training. They are also commonly used in physical therapy, specifically by those who suffer with muscular injuries or pains, to allow slow rebuilding of strength.

There are a wide range of different exercises you can complete with a Dyna Band, and you can do this either lying down, standing up or by sitting on a sturdy chair with your back straight. The options are endless! Get in touch today or come along to the Fitness4Fun fitness classes and we can worth together to build your strength and mobility using Dyna Bands.

Stretches - Yoga Exercise classes for seniors - Yoga for Pain Relief - Chair Yoga
Fitness4Fun Streches - Yoga Exercise classes for seniors - Yoga for Pain Relief - Chair Yoga

Dyna Band Pec Dec Stretch

Above, we have John demonstrating the Dyna Band Pec Dec with the Dyna band. The Pec Dec exercises work the chest and front of shoulders. An important exercise to help maintain good posture and shoulder strength. Posture exercises are included in the weekly classes which benefits improved breathing and leads to better functioning of our internal organs and stronger core.   

For this stretch, you can complete it by standing up straight or sitting on a chair. Have the Dyna band around your back and under both armpits. Holding the band in each hand, keep your elbows both at 90 degrees. Keeping your upper arms parallel with the floor, bring your elbow closer together, squeezing the chest muscles. Make sure that your shoulders do not lift up towards your ears. Return to the starting position and repeat for the best results.

Dyna Band Prone Fly The Prone Fly Stretch

To the Left, John is demonstrating the Dyna Band Prone Fly The Prone Fly stretch.

This stretch strengthens the middle and upper back and rear of shoulders and builds stability to the shoulder girdle and rotator cuff muscles. The exercise used with the dyna band improves posture and balance, improves strength and muscle imbalance in the upper body

For this exercise, put your resistant band on the floor and stand in the middle of the band with your feet apart, holding with both hands each handle of the band by your shins. Slowly bend your knees and lower your back so it’s parallel to the floor. Raise the arms to the side as far as you can go. Pause, then lower the band to starting position and repeat.

Dyna Band Lateral Side Lift Stretch

To the right, John is demonstrating the Dyna Band Lateral Side Lift stretch.

The benefits of including the lateral side lifts in our exercise class is  strengthening the shoulders and  Trapezius muscles.

The dyna bands allow muscles to strengthen, tone  and  increase flexibility, The dyna band are commonly used for the purpose of rehabilitation from muscle injuries

To successfully complete this stretch, place your left foot in the middle of your Dyna band. Step forward with the right. While doing this, avoid arching your back as much as possible and maintain a straight posture.

Maintaining a slight bend in the elbows at all times, slowly raise your arms up from the sides of your body. Once your arms reach parallel with the floor, pause, and hold this position and then slowly lower back down.

Once you have completed this side of your body, stand on the other end of the band and repeat the process with your other hand.

Fitness4Fun with John - Yoga Exercise classes for seniors - Yoga for Pain Relief - Chair Yoga
Dyna Band Exercises Mobility Streches with Fitness4Fun - Yoga Exercise classes for seniors - Yoga for Pain Relief - Chair Yoga

Dyna Band Overhead Stretch

To the left, we have John demonstrating the Overhead Stretch with the Dyna band.

With straight arms, lift the band overhead and keep your hands about 6 inches apart so the band has some tension and is not too tight. You can then to begin pulling your arms apart, holding this post and then return to your starting position.

The overhead resistant band exercise is helpful to improve posture and relieve tightness in the shoulder blade area.

For anyone who sits a lot, at home or at an office desk, this stretch will prove to be a great stretch to stretch out the upper body area. The dyna bands are great for helping strengthen muscles as well as improve joint mobility.  

Dyna Band Chest Stretch

To the right, John is demonstrating the Dyna Band Chest Stretch.

The dyna bands are an excellent form of exercising, improving strength and improving overall flexibility in the body. Chest opening exercises are important for breathing, posture , shoulder tension and prevention of Osteoporosis and Osteopenia.

To complete a successful chest press, hold the band with each hand in front of your body. There should be about 18 inches or so between your hands. Hold the band straight across your chest and then begin to slowly bring your arms behind you as far as you can.

The stretchy band will allow you to pull your arms away from each other to increase the stretch.

Stretches with Fitness4Fun - Yoga Exercise classes for seniors - Yoga for Pain Relief - Chair Yoga

Check Out Our Online Classes

If you’re interested in learning more about exercising with Dyna Bands and if you want to learn more about taking part in some yoga for pain relief classes, you should get in touch today. Here at Fitness4Fun, we’re passionate about helping seniors get active and enjoy the benefits that comes with doing so. And it’s so easy to get started.

At the moment because of the Covid-19 situation, we’re offering online classes for seniors, meaning you can easily take part from the comfort of your own home and you don’t need to worry about coming into contact with other people. In the future, when it’s safe to do so, we’ll return to offering in person yoga for pain relief classes too.