Yoga4Cancer is a specialised yoga method tailored to address the physical and emotional needs left by cancer and cancer treatments. This unique approach matches breath and movement to stimulate the immune system, improve flexibility and strength, reduce anxiety and boost overall well being.

The approach goes beyond the gentle and restorative yoga that is commonly offered in wellness centres as the only yoga illness intervention. The Yoga4Cancer method is also gentle and restorative but additionally, it is an evidence-informed style focusing on the scientific foundation of movement and breath and the special needs of cancer patients or survivors.

Yoga for Cancer Classes

Yoga4Cancer classes look to build strength and flexibility in safe ways, stimulate the immune system and build bone density, detox the body and cultivate a sense of well being creating hope and a community, empower patients and survivors to feel in control of their lives, help reduce side effects of cancer treatments such as lymphedema and neuropathy, and encourage survivors to embrace yoga as a personal tool that will enhance their future well being.

Yoga for Cancer Methodology

The Y4C methodology is not Yoga for one size fits all. The evidence-informed method is an adaptable active vinyasa style that encourages movement coordinated with breath and accompanied with well supported restorative poses to ensure a cancer survivor achieves the maximum benefit of Yoga.

A cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatments can challenge a person’s physical and emotional well-being. Research shows that Yoga designed specifically for cancer patients and survivors has far-reaching mind-body benefits.

Hope is not a plan, yoga can be.

Tari Prinster, Yoga4Cancer founder

Yoga4Cancer Bookings

Please contact John Conroy in confidence with any questions you may have.

Yoga4Cancer has 600 practicing tutors worldwide with Fitness4Fun being the only Irish practicing Yoga4Cancer tutor. The first classes given by John were held in Summer 2019 at the various Daycare Centres run by Hospice Jinja in the Busoga region of Uganda with a population of 4 million people.

Cancer steals your breath, Yoga gives it back.

Tari Prinster